Becky Foellmer
Oct 10, 2017

One Step Equations Hyperdoc - 2000 Calories?


Edited: May 18, 2018



This activity comes from Kayla Duncan. Students first explore by viewing a video entitled "What Does 2000 Calories Look Like?". The video shows them various foods and how much of each you can eat to total 2000 calories. From there students do further analysis including writing equations. This is a great way to engage kids in thinking about what they are eating, use their math skills and to really start to consider caloric content!

Check it all out here: (This link will allow you to preview the Hyperdoc and, if you want to use it, click the blue "Use Template" button in the upper right corner of the screen to make your own editable copy.)



Hannah Garvey
May 17, 2018

This is great! I just wish they’d used soda or energy drinks in the video instead of beer. 😕

Becky Foellmer
May 17, 2018Edited: May 18, 2018

I agree! I think this is where, as a teacher, we just try to use it as a teachable moment. For younger students, we could explain to them ahead of time that this video is designed to teach adults AND children and so, at one point they use beer as an example. Maybe ask them why the creators may have chosen to do that? Then, ask them, "What might be better to use if you were creating this just for children?" That can help defuse the diversion from the content that would otherwise occur when that topic comes up in the video. With older students, you might not talk about it until afterwards and, then, have a similar discussion. It's so important for children to truly think about the media they are consuming and this offers an opportunity to discuss important points particularly regarding the audience for whom media is designed.

Hannah Garvey
May 17, 2018Edited: May 17, 2018

Good point! Another thought is having students do the calculations for their favorite sugary beverage. After all, there is also a ton of info on calories and sugar in beverages too...that could be tied in to the hyperdoc :) Or even having them create a mini video themselves! I'm in love with these resources. Currently teaching FCS part-time and will be teaching health next year...LOVE the idea of hyperdocs!! Have never used them before but am about to with my relationships class - creating one on social media that I would be happy to share here. Thanks for all of your posts and resources!

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    In order to help make the standards and performance indicators a bit more accessible and useful to teachers, we have added the National Health Standards Locator here: With the Locator, you can search by search term, grade level band(s) and standard. Search results are downloadable as a .csv file by clicking the “3 dots” menu in the upper right corner. A great way to use the Locator is to search for a particular term and choose, for example grades K-2 and 3-5. This allows you to see the learning progression and can inform your teaching.
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