Upcoming Professional Development

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National Health Standards & Performance Indicator Locator

PE Voxer Chats

There is a ton of conversation around Health and PE.  Just download Voxer and click a link!

Gifs, Videos and Slides for PE


Video Sets for PE

Here you'll find playlists full of ready-to-use videos.

Assessment Resources

rubrics, standards based grading, etc.

SHAPE National

Standards & GLOs Locator

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Grants and Funding Resources for PE/Health

PE Household Item Idea Tank

Ideas from PE Pros on ways to put those household items to good use in the Physical Education classroom.

Scope and Sequence


PE and Health Hyperdocs

You will find the main hyperdoc (includes "Hyperdoc" in the title) as well as all other files used within the main hyperdoc.

Chromebook 101

by Steve Wick

Breakout EDU

by James Sanders, Adam Bellow, Mark Harmon, Patti Harju

Miss Physical Education

by Christina Polatajko

SHAPE America

Teacher's Toolbox

OPEN Curriculum

(Online Physical Education Network)

by Aaron Hart, Andy Pickett,


by Brian Gadient

Need a new game? Includes how-to-play videos.

The Physical Educator

by Joey Feith

National Federation of High Schools

Learning Center

PE/Health YouTube Channel

by Ryan Armstrong

amazing collection of playlists for everything HPE

Periodic Table of

Bodyweight Exercises

by Stack 52

The Phys.Ed. Depot

by Mike Ginicola

PE Teacher Resources

by William Potter


RHEPE YouTube Channel

by Eric Turrill

PE Central

by Dr. George Graham, Mark Manross, Todd Pennington, Eloise Elliot, Dave Hinman,


by Jorge Rodriguez

Support REAL Teachers

Extremely comprehensive website for all things Physical Education!!

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PhysEd Review

by Kevin Tiller - Tons of great stuff, but, for sure, check out the "Projector Activities"

and "Super Seven"

Cap'n Pete's Power PE

by Pete Charrette

SHAPE America Podcasts

hosted by Matt Pomeroy, Collin Brooks, and Stephanie Sandino - great listening during runs

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by Ben Pirillo - Check out the

"Let's Dance" section!

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Coach Williams' PE Website

Lots to check out here!


Mike Graham's PE Website

Mike (@pe4everykid) has some of awesome free stuff in his "Resources" tab.

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