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Curriculum Resources
A dynamic collection of free PE and Health resources.

Assessment Resources
Rubrics, standards based
grading, etc.


#Quality PE/Advocacy
Videos, Articles, Graphics, etc.

Guidelines for Facilities, Equipment, Instructional Materials & Technology in K-12 Physical Education

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Tools for Standards/Curriculum Work


National Health Standards & GSPIs Locator

Unpack Health.PNG

Tool for Unpacking the National Health Standards/GSPIs

Unpack PE.PNG

Tool for Unpacking the National Physical Education Standards/GSLIs

PreK-5 sheets.PNG

SHAPE National Standards
& GSLIs Locator

6-8 Sheets.PNG

Yearly Plan Curriculum Map Template (24-25) w/PreK-5 GSLIs - Slides

Yearly Plan Curriculum Map Template (24-25) w/6-8 GSLIs - Slides

Yearly Plan Curriculum Map Template (24-25) w/PreK-5 GSLIs - Sheets

Yearly Plan Curriculum Map Template (24-25) w/6-8 GSLIs - Sheets

K-5 Worksheets.PNG

Worksheets for Determining Priority Standards PreK-5

6-8 Worksheet.PNG

Worksheet for Determining Priority Standards 6-8

9-12 Worksheet.PNG

Worksheet for Determining Priority Standards 9-12

Playing for Life.PNG

Playing for Life (TGFU)

from the Australian Sports Commission Searchable by age/skill-small sided games

Meaningful PE.PNG

Meaningful PE
Resources curated by
Megaera Regan

World Games.JPG

World Games
by Sarah G-H and Seth Martin, organized by Kevin Shephard

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Grants and Funding

Fundamental Movement Posters.PNG
Action Duchenne.JPG
Adapted Assessment Tools.PNG

Fundamental Movement Cues
by Dr. Helena Baert
Click here to request newest version

Scope and Sequence

Action Duchenne
Guide to Inclusive PE Practices

Adapted PE Assessment Tools
Multiple ways to filter

Breakout Edu.JPG
2 Day Per Week.JPG

Breakout/Escape Rooms
in HPE

PE Household Item Idea Tank
Ideas from PE Pros on ways to put those household items to good use.

2 Day Per Week PE
36 Week Lesson Planning

SHAPE America

Teacher's Toolbox

Tech in PE.JPG

Periodic Table of
Bodyweight Exercises
by Stack 52

PE and Health Hyperdocs

Includes main hyperdoc ("Hyperdoc" in the title) and all other files linked to from the main hyperdoc.

Tech in PE Research

Video Sets for PE
Playlists full of ready-to-use videos.

PE Kansas.JPG

PE Kansas
Check out the powerful lesson planning tool available here.  Choose from warmups, team activities, and individual/partner lifetime activities. Organized by grade levels.

OPEN Curriculum
(Online Physical Education Network)
from US Games/BSN Sports


Learn Within
from Within Health
a ton of resources related to eating disorders.

Tobacco Prevention Toolkit.JPG

Tobacco Prevention Toolkit
From Stanford Medicine

Family Wellness Tips.png

National Federation of High Schools

Learning Center

Health & Fitness Tips for the Family
Useful resources for families curated by Madison Trust

PE Music Playlists.PNG

PE Music Playlists
Spotify and YouTube

Support REAL Teachers

Extremely comprehensive website for all things Physical Education!!

PE Review.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 9.07.10 PM.png
Will Potter Site.PNG
Fab 4.PNG

PhysEd Review
by Kevin Tiller - Tons of great stuff - check out the "Projector Activities"
and "Super Seven"

Coach Williams' 
PE Website

Lots to check out here!

Fab 4
Cindie Cortinas-Vogt, Bo Phillips, Kelly Zerby, Barb Borden, Jason Denk, Katrina Haynes

PE Teacher Resources

by William Potter

teach phys ed.JPG

by Ben Pirillo - Check out the
"Let's Dance" section!

Free awesome templates for Slides (& PPT)

PE Bowling Curriculum
by Jim Hambel

RHEPE YouTube Channel
by Eric Turrill

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