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SHAPE National Standards and GLOs Locator

In the "Grade Level Outcome" search boxes type any term to find all standards that include that term.  Filter by using the other options. (i.e from the "Grade" filter choose Grades 1, 2 and 3 to see the Grade Level Outcomes for grade 2 as well as 1 grade level above and below.  This allows you to see the desired progression of the skill.

For more information and the standards by K-5, Middle School and High School, see this blog post from Joey Feith (@thephysicaleducator) 

Tweets will appear if the person posting it includes the GLO # (i.e. S1.E1.K) AND #physed in their tweet.

Note: as more people begin to use the GLO # in their tweets more tweets will be returned when clicking the link.  You can, also, retweet the activity and add the GLO# to "force" the activity to appear in the tweet searches included below.

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