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Each section has it's own scroll bar on the right.  You may need to give it a little time to load. Click any GIF for full-size version.  Click the title of the section to go to the Drive folder containing the GIFs.  All GIFs can easily be inserted into Slide file using "Insert", "Image", "Drive" and choosing the GIF you wish to insert. 

Note: pages may not load or function correctly on an iPad.

Note: All work generously shared here is for educational use only.   

Permission is granted to use these GIFs in your classroom or for professional development only. 

It is expressly forbidden to use the GIFs contained here to create works to offer for sale.  

How to Add GIFs From Those Below to a Slides File​​

  • Scroll through and click to open GIFs you want  to use (clicking on the GIF means it will show up in “recent” when you insert it from Drive) 

  • In Slides, go to “Insert”

  • “Image”

  • “Drive”

  • “Recent”

  • Drag and drop each GIF to the slide of your choice

MORE Basketball GIFS

Shared by

NCUSD203 Teachers:

Kim Blitek (Kingsley) 
Hannah Jensen (Mill Street)
Laura Warren (Beebee)
Erica Boyle


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