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We are Mark and Becky Foellmer.  It is our hope that we can help facilitate the sharing of ideas for improving student learning by infusing technology, including Chromebooks and other devices, into Health and Physical Education classrooms!  

It is YOUR willingness to share that makes all the difference.  

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Mark Foellmer

SHAPE Midwest President-Elect, Former IAHPERD President, IAHPERD NED President-Elect

Mark earned his Bachelors in Physical Education from Eastern Illinois University and his Masters Degree in Sport Management from Western Illinois University.  During the 1980's he served as the Sports Director for the Prairie State Games - the USOC's grass roots Olympic effort.  Most recently, he has been a middle school Physical Education teacher and coach at Wentworth JHS in Calumet City for over 20 years.  He is an active member of the Northeastern District of IAHPERD,  IAHPERD and SHAPE MW and SHAPEAmerica.

Becky Foellmer

Former IAHPERD NED President, IAHPERD Tech Committee Chair,  Instructional/Technology Coach

Becky earned a BA in Mathematics and a BS in Physical Education from Eastern Illinois University and her MS in Physical Education with a coaching specialization from Illinois State University.  Becky’s teaching experience includes HS and MS Mathematics, Computer Education, coaching volleyball and track, and most recently K-8 Instructional Coaching. She is a technology integration specialist. Becky has been recognized for outstanding contributions by the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics, is a GTE GIFT Fellow, and is an EdTechTeam Guest Blogger.

He has presented at numerous conventions and conferences including many state AHPERD/SHAPE conventions, National PE Instiitute, PhysEdSummit and SHAPEAmerica national conventions. Mark is also a trainer of Physical Education teachers through the Illinois Department of Health Initiative, Pump Up PE. Additionally, he has written a number of articles that have appeared in several Physical Education publications and is a co-author (with Becky) of several Breakout EDU challenges.  Mark is a Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year for the state of Illinois and for the Midwest District of SHAPE America.

Mark is serving & has served in many committee and leadership roles in IAHPERD, SHAPE Midwest and SHAPE America, including as the Past IAHPERD President and as a delegate to SHAPE America.

She has authored and presented numerous professional development sessions, workshops and trainings on a wide variety of educational topics, including assessment, pedagogy, curriculum writing and technology integration.  Her areas of specialty include practical innovation in the classroom, technology integration (both Chromebooks and iPads) and G Suite for Education. 

Most recently, she has presented many sessions at various State AHPERD/SHAPE Conventions and SHAPEAmerica national conventions, as well as the National PE Institute & PhysEdSummit.  She is the IAHPERD Northeastern District Past President.

Becky is the author/co-author (with Mark) of many Breakout EDU challenges (both "box and locks" and digital) for Physical Education and Health and is an Authorized Breakout EDU trainer.  She has also authored Hyperdocs for HPE.


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Breakout EDU

Global Physed Voxcast

HPE Quick Tips

PhysEdSummit 17

  Podcasts and

  Recorded Presentations

#SHAPENashville - 

SHAPE America 

National Convention 2018

Lets Talk Physed 2.JPG

Our portion of the podcast starts at 20:20.

Let's Talk Physed

Jason Steele and Tanner Roos

Our portion of the podcast starts at 11:35.

Our portion of the podcast starts at about 12:00.


Let's Talk Physed - Super Bowl Special

w/Justin Schleider, Pete Charrette (Capn Pete), Judy LoBianco (SHAPEAmerica Pres., Kash Aleem, Sarah G-H, and Mike Martinez


Back to School Resource Webinar for Parents

w/Congresswoman Lauren Underwood

Our portion starts at about 27 minutes.


Interested in having us present?

We provide workshops, convention sessions,

full and half day Professional Development. 

We will tailor our time with you to meet your needs.

Some Possible Topics:

  • Tech It Up

  • Leveraging Technology for Assessment in PhysEd

  • Got Chromebooks or other devices? Infuse Tech into Your Health and Physical Education Program

  • Put That Projector to Work!

  • Brain Boosts for Classrooms & Instant Activities in Physical Education

  • Paddle Zlam - Active and Fun for All!

  • Breakout Edu - both Box and Locks and Digital

  • Hyperdocs in Health and Physical Education

  • Social Emotional Learning - experience multiple disabilities via the "Empathy and Inclusion Hyperdoc". 

  • Leveraging Social Media - Developing a PLN

  • Organizing a Family Wellness Night

  • Do-It-Yourself Physical Education - PE on a Small (or Non-existent) Budget

  • Advocacy - The Expected and Unexpected Benefits

  • Demo Slam - This is an interactive way for all to share great ideas!

  • Leadership - Keys to Becoming a Leader in HPE

  • GIFs That Keep on Giving - Workshop format

  • Making Lemonade from Lemons

  • Edpuzzle in HPE

  • Flippity in HPE

  • Opportunity Knocks

  • Let's Dive In To Lesson Study!

Contact Us:

Mark Foellmer:  mfoellmer2@gmail.com

Becky Foellmer: bfoellmer@gmail.com

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