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Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

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Education Justice Assessment & Transformation Tool (EJATT)

EJATT is for those who are passionate about creating classrooms,

schools and districts that are more diverse, equitable, inclusive and socially just!

Please complete the following form to get access to the EJATT Handbook: 

Many thanks to Rachel Hervey (@HerveyPHE) and those who moderated and participated in the #SHAPEPhysEd Twitter chat on EDI for sharing many of the resources above and at right!

Featured Resources

Strategies for Fostering EDI in PhysEd

Click here for your own clickable spreadsheet copy

Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Mental and Social Wellness 
Articles and Book Recommendations

Incredible Collection of Social Justice/Black History Read Alouds

created by Mrs. Nealon @MrsNealon

Social and Mental Wellness

Since it's impossible to address any of these topics apart from  Social and Mental Wellness, you'll find resources below.


Social and Mental Wellness in PE Printables

Social and Mental Wellness Picture Book Recommendations for Kids

Often a terrific way to address important topics is through the use of books. 
These can be used in any classroom or home as great conversation starters!

(note 1: the topic addressed is included in parentheses)

(note 2: the titles that include an asterisk are available for free to all educators via Epic!)

(note 3: Don't have the book? Click the book below or at left for the YouTube read-aloud!

Hint: To read to your students, just mute the YouTube audio!

Additional Read Alouds
(some including movement)

Social and Mental Wellness Infographics

Social and Mental Wellness Classroom Graphics

Do Your Classroom Posters
Represent ALL Students?

Character Sets for HPE

All Characters can be copied/pasted and resized to any Word, PPT, Docs or Slides file.


Above is a Black American History Playlist.  Click menu           above to view available videos.

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