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Note: This page is no longer being updated.

To add your event to the map (or to correct incorrect or missing information), click here.

Using the Map
  • Zoom by holding down "ctrl" and using the scroll wheel, or by using the "+/-" in the lower left corner.
  • Click the "menu open" icon in the upper left to open the side menu and for more information.
  • Click any dropdown arrow in the menu to see a chronological listing of events within a category.
  • Online events are shown west of California in the ocean since they do not have a location.
  • Conference information can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the map or by clicking on the name of the conference in the menu list.
  • You can turn layers on or off by unchecking the red box next to the layer in the menu.
  • Some conferences have video and/or images included, but they are not visible in this embedded map.  To view the full map version, click here.
Check out the gif below showing the above points.

Want to embed the map on your site?

Just copy and paste the code below into an iframe on your site and you're good to go!

<iframe src="" width=100% height="480"></iframe>
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