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Video Tutorials for Health and Physical Educators

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Let's Get Digital

Derrick Biehl - @MrBiehlsPE

Making Lemonade from Lemons

Becky Foellmer - @foes4sports      Mark Foellmer - @coachfoe

This video is set to start at the beginning of the discussion on Flipped Learning and Hyperdocs.

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Streamline Feedback & Enhance Assessment in Standards-Based PE

Adam Metcalf - @MrMetcalfPE


Chris Amundsen - @crestviewpe

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IOWA AHPERD - How to Use Flipgrid

Chris Amundsen - @crestviewpe

IOWA AHPERD - How to Use iMovie

Chris Amundsen - @crestviewpe

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IOWA AHPERD - Google Slides

Joe Burch - @PEforlife

IOWA AHPERD - Using the Doink Green Screen App

No audio

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Using Fill in Google Sheets (No audio)

Becky Foellmer @foes4sports

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Michelle Ferré

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Flippity in HPE Webinar by Mark and Becky Foellmer

For file that is noted in this presentation click here.

How to Teach Remotely with Edpuzzle

New EdTech Classroom

For specific Physical Education and Health Edpuzzle examples and instructions click here.

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Iowa AHPERD - Virtual Classrooms Introduction

Erik Heard

Iowa AHPERD - Virtual Classrooms Part 2 Images

Erik Heard

Anchor 8

Iowa AHPERD - Virtual Classrooms Part 3 Bitmoji Integration

Erik Heard

Flipgrid Fun for Everyone

Derrick Biehl

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How to Create Videos with Powerpoint

Rob Pohlner

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