Interactive Videos for Use in Google Slides

Right click on any video you wish to use in a Slides file and choose "copy video URL". 

Then, on your slide, click "Insert", "Video", "by URL"  and paste the link.

Timers for use in Google Slides

Each set of timers below is a playlist of multiple timers.

10 Second Timers

15 Second Timers

20 Second Timers

30 Second Timers

  • Click the menu to see all of the timer options in each playlist.

  • Click to view, then X out of the menu. 

  • Right click to copy URL of video you want to use.

  Then, on your slide, click "Insert",


"by URL"  

and paste the link.

45 Second Timers

60 Second Timers

2 to 5 Minute Timers

6 to 20 Minute Timers

Ben Pirillo Timers - 10 to 60 seconds

Check out Ben's TpT Store for more great resources.

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