Kaitlyn Hall
Mar 29, 2017

Health Comic Strip- Google Drawing


Edited: Mar 29, 2017

If you are teaching health, and are tired of the same ol' health books, raise your hand! I have ditched the health books for a few years now, and I have turned to http://ditchthattextbook.com/googlegenius/ for many ideas. Download the free e-book and you are on your way. This is an awesome idea I got from Matt Miller and it is has never failed in my class. I have used this lesson from my hygiene unit, drug refusal skills lesson, communication skills or as an introduction to health class!





Student examples:


"Destroy All Bacteria" DAB

Refusal Skills



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  • Becky Foellmer
    7 days ago

    I saw this Pinterest Board Template by Cynthia Nixon and immediately thought that it could be put to good use in a Health Classroom. Click here: bit.ly/2KcWIr4 to preview the template. Click the blue "Use Template" button to get your own copy. You can share this template with your students via Google Classroom or a QR code using the same link as I've included above. I'm thinking that pretty much any Health topic could be assigned for use with this template and that makes it SO useful.
  • Becky Foellmer
    Nov 6

    Check out this awesome assignment and rubric from Sarah G-H (@GHSaysRockChalk): bit.ly/32mktDr .
  • Becky Foellmer
    Oct 3

    In order to help make the standards and performance indicators a bit more accessible and useful to teachers, we have added the National Health Standards Locator here: https://www.cbhpe.org/national-health-standards-locator With the Locator, you can search by search term, grade level band(s) and standard. Search results are downloadable as a .csv file by clicking the “3 dots” menu in the upper right corner. A great way to use the Locator is to search for a particular term and choose, for example grades K-2 and 3-5. This allows you to see the learning progression and can inform your teaching.
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